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Travel Inspiration’s Top 5 Destinations

Travel Inspiration’s Top 5 Destinations

You have probably seen some amazing travel photos on social media and been getting some inspiration for new travel destinations to add to your list. Travel Inspiration gets many messages every day from people wondering where the different photos are from.

We have therefore gathered some of the most popular photos that have been posted on Travel Inspiration in this article, so that you can get inspired to visit these stunning destinations from around the world.

From the red beaches of Broome in Australia, to the rugged and fascinating landscape of Iceland – check out Travel Inspiration’s Top 5 Destinations!

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Many people associate Bora Bora with paradise. Bora Bora is a group of islands in the Pacific Ocean that consist of lush and tropical fauna, and is surrounded by turquoise water.  It is a popular place for snorkeling and scuba diving, as you can spot sharks (the ones that are not dangerous to humans) and rays around the lagoon.The name itself is the French version of Pora Pora (Tahitian), which again derives from the sentence “Pora pora mai te pora”, meaning “created by the gods”. We can clearly see why!

Karl captured these amazing images with his drone. Be sure to check out more of Karl’s photos on his website and on his Instagram account.

Kyoto, Japan

You have probably seen, either in magazines or on Instagram, several photos of the famous Arashiyama Bamboo Grove in Kyoto. The Bamboo forest is one of the most popular sights in the city and should not be missed if you’re planning on going to Kyoto. There is only one path through the forest, and once you get through it you are rewarded with the view of the beautiful Okochi-Sanso Villa. Kyoto used to be the capital of Japan and is famous for its Buddhist temples, gardens, imperial houses and traditional wooden houses. With so much to experience in this city you should definitely put it on your bucket list!

Mitsu took these beautiful photos in Kyoto. If you plan on visiting the Japanese city, then be sure to get more inspiration from his Instagram account, and to stop by his charming cafe Bibliotichello! 

Broome, Australia

Broome is a coastal town and is located in Western Australia, in the Kimberley Region – 2,240 km from Perth. It faces the Indian Ocean and offers both white, sandy beaches and beautiful red beaches. Visitors in Broome can also check out Dinosaur tracks and ride camels along the beach. The contrast between the turquoise water and the red sand attracts thousands of visitors and photographers each year who want to experience this extraordinary sight.

One photographer who managed to caption the beauty of these red beaches is Shaun Furey, with his impressive drone shots. Be sure to check out more of Shaun’s photos from Broome on his website and on his Instagram account. 


Rather than just selecting a city we have focused here on Iceland as a country. The Nordic country has seen a big growth in tourism over the last years, and people are coming from all over the world to experience the unique landscapes of the country. From glaciers to volcanoes, geysers to the blue lagoon, Iceland offers some pretty amazing natural sights that are a photographer’s dream to capture!

Harry’s drone shots of the Icelandic landscape offer a stunning perspective of the colors and nature on the majestic island. Get some more inspiration from Iceland on Harry’s Instagram account!

Neuschwanstein, Germany

If you haven’t seen it before, you probably recognize some of the features of the famous Neuschwanstein Castle. This German castle actually inspired Walt Disney to create the Magic Kingdom! Today it’s one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world, drawing more than 1.3 million people every year.  It is located in Bavaria, about 115 km. from Munich and was commissioned by Ludwig II of Bavaria in honor of his favorite composer, Richard Wagner. If you’re planning a trip to Germany then you should try to add this fairy tale castle to your itinerary.

Donald Yip captured these stunning photos of the castle in fall. You can see more on Donald’s website and on his Instagram account. 

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