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Top 7 Beautiful Places to Visit in Italy

Top 7 Beautiful Places to Visit in Italy

Italy is a country of beauty, whether we’re talking about the actual sights or the food! Everything is done with just a little extra quality, and you can’t help but fall in love with every single thing you see and do.

Of course, if you’re looking for photos to add to your Instagram feed, there are some places which should be higher up your list than others. To help you grab more followers, let’s check out the top 7 beautiful places to visit in Italy.


Without a doubt one of the most stunningly beautiful cities you will ever set your eyes on, Florence is the number one place you need to be heading! Everywhere you look, there is architecture to make your jaw-drop, and it all stems from the renaissance. Check out the Duomo, Ponte Vecchio and Piazza della Signoria for starters, and consider a cruise down the Arno river!

Of course, UNESCO agrees, as it has labelled many of the sights to be founding Florence on its list. There is also a huge amount of famous art to be found here. Put simply, this should be on your top list

Lake Garda

Glitzy, special, and downright sophisticated, Lake Garda is a natural wonder and you need to be putting this place on your list! Garda is Italy’s largest lake, and it is covered by deep water, huge mountains, and greenery, which really adds to its photogenic qualities. There are also many small towns which line the shore, which gives you plenty of accommodation and entertainment options.

San Gimignano

We know that Tuscany is beautiful, with its amazing countryside and wineries at every turn, but San Gimignano is a real hotspot. With buildings which date back to medieval times, and winding streets which contain cafes and boutiques, this is a must visit place with beautiful at every turn. Also check out the city walls and head beyond them, to natural sights, such as more vineyards and hills.


If you’re looking for a beach destination to blow your mind, it has to be Puglia. This is a favourite with the locals looking to chill out in the sun, and the beaches really will take your breath away. The sands are blinding white, and the warm sea laps gently at the shore. If you head inland, you’ll also find an equally beautiful sight, with olive groves aplenty.


Home of the rich and famous, Capri might be affluent but it’s stunning too. This iconic island has Roman ruins, huge mansions and some of the most blinding and beautiful views over the Mediterranean Sea. A favourite of former Emperor Tiberius, it’s not hard to see why when you set eyes on it for real.


Italy’s Amalfi Coast is a very well visited area for those who are looking to get away from the major cities and those who want to soak up the nature. You’ll find Positano here, set close to huge and imposing cliffs, and green forests. Despite the drama of the landscapes, Positano is quaint and really beautiful in a small way, with pastel houses and winding cobbled lanes with bright pink flowers along the walls. Picture postcard and perfect.


How can we not mention Venice? A city on the water, Venice is a true assault on every single sense and the main one is beauty everywhere you turn. The water is a sparkling green shade, and when the sun shines, everything seems to glint and glow. The old buildings, the colours, the feel of the place, it’s really like nowhere else on earth and the epitome of true beauty.


All of this and we haven’t even mentioned Rome! Italy has so many beautiful spots that it’s impossible to simply name one, but the spots on our list are some of the best ones by far. If you can, why not hire a car and go on a road trip? This is something many people do and as a result they get to see the various different sides of this cultural and downright stunning country for themselves.

From the fashion capital of Milan, to the ancient history of Rome, the waterways of Venice to the art of Florence, the wineries of Tuscany, to the wonder of Naples, can you think of a country with more iconic cities in once place? We haven’t even mentioned them all! When you go further, you can add nature to that too, with the Amalfi Coast and Lake Garda to name just two. This is a country which will more than fill up your camera memory card, and one which will give you more memories in your mind to remember for the rest of your days.

Whether winter or summer, Italy has it all, and then some!

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