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Top 5 Experiences in Hawaii

Top 5 Experiences in Hawaii

Who doesn’t dream of running away to Hawaii and enjoying the chilled out, laid-back way of life? Certainly, one of the most visited states in the USA, Hawaii is a place to enjoy delicious food, meet friendly people, and experience nature like nowhere else on Earth.

What you do depends on which island you base yourself on, but with easy transport between the main islands, it’s simple to experience the major sights, as well as a few off the beaten track spots too.

What you can expect, no matter what you do, is an almost other-worldly feel to your break. Huge volcanoes, stunning beaches, fierce surf, greenery everywhere, and wildlife at every turn. Is there a more wonderful experience overall? Probably not!

To give you an idea of some of the top experiences you can enjoy on this stunning archipelago, let’s check out the 5 top experiences in Hawaii you need to put on your bucket list right now!

Visit Pearl Harbour

It’s a borderline crime to visit Hawaii and not head to Pearl Harbour. Not literally of course but visiting this scene will show you history and a huge part of what is enshrined in Hawaii’s culture, even today. Located on Oahu, Pearl Harbour if the former US Pacific Fleet base, and where you will also find the WWII Valor, the Pacific National Monument. You will also see the USS Arizona, where over 1177 crew died on that fateful day in 1941.

As you will expect, Pearl Harbour is a very busy spot, so getting there early in the day is recommended. Regardless of crowds, this is certainly an experience you need on your list.

Hike the Kalalau Trail on Kauai

On Kauai you will find the Kalalau Trail, which travels along the stunningly beautiful Napali Coast. At 22 miles long, you can expect plenty of photo opportunities, and there are many activities you can enjoy along the way, such as camping, sailing, and kayaking, to name just a few.

Your starting point is Key Beach and you move along several valleys, waterfalls, streams, and green spot before you arrive at Kalalau Beach. It will probably take you around three days to hike the trail properly and experience its true beauty, but you can take shortcuts if you’re a little low on time. A word of warning however, you will need to apply for a permit to be able to complete the hike, which should be obtained ahead of time.

Learn How to Surf in Hawaii

One of the world’s best spots for surfing, you can’t visit Hawaii and not at least try and stand on water! If you wipe out, so what, at least you tried! You can surf on any island, but there are obviously some major hotspots of surfing fame, such as Waikiki Beach. This is actually a good spot to learn and there are several surf schools to choose from.  Maui’s Lahaina and Kihei are also good places to try your hand at this new skills, or Hanalei on Kauai. As you become better and more experienced, you could considering heading to Oahu’s northern coastline, where the waves are legendary! Of course, it’s probably best to sit it out and simply watch in awe as the pros show you how its done.

Hike the Koolau Range on Oahu

Photo by Jason Jacobs

Most people think Hawaii is all about the beaches, but the island portions of these islands are simply divine! Think greenery so bright it’s partly blinding, and undulating hills and mountains which eventually slope down to the shore. Of course, Hawaii is also famous for its volcanos! Oahu is home to the Koolau Range, which is actually the remnants of a huge volcano from many years ago. Reaching heights of up 3100 feet, there are several trails with stunning views to take in.

Head to Molokai and Ride a Mule

Yes, seriously! Molokai is one of the smaller, lesser visited islands, but for those who choose a more low-key break, it is a top experience. The mule ride is a rite of passage, heading down the cliffs towards the beautiful Kalaupapa Peninsula. Views? Absolutely jaw-dropping, and the entire experience is pretty cool regardless!

The trail lasts for 3 miles with cliffs which plunge down 1700 feet. You do need to set a full day aside for this however, as it can take anything up to almost 8 hours there and back!

Of course, there are countless other experiences you can enjoy in Hawaii, such as a traditional luau, with dancing, grass skirts, hula, and all manner of other fun to be had, but for sheer natural beauty, showing you not only the history but the nature of these islands, make sure you put these top five experiences on your list.

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