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Top 10 Experiences in Norway

Top 10 Experiences in Norway

If you’re looking for a destination which is packed with nature and true beauty, then look no further than Norway.

A country known for its fjords, love of the outdoors, and the city vibe of its capital city, Oslo, Norway is a place which will certainly more than fill your memory card and will give you a new-found respect for Mother Nature and all she has to offer.

Of course, Norway is a huge country, so let’s check out 10 must do experiences in Norway itself, to narrow down your list.

True Beauty and Seclusion at Geirangerfjord

One of the most beautiful fjords around, Geirangerfjord is actually a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and one visit will show you exactly why! You need to take a ferry from Geiranger to reach the site itself, before touring around, and the journey alone is worth it! The cliffs are made of almost vertical drops, the waters are a shade of blinding green, and of course, snow clings to every flat surface during the winter months. It’s a great idea to sit on top of the ferry and check out the view, even if it is freezing cold!

Take the Scenic Hurtigruten Ferry

There is probably no ferry quite like the Hurtigruten ferry in terms of scenery, taking you around the coastline with some of the most jaw-dropping views you’ll ever see. The ferry leaves once per day and travels between Bergen and Kirkenes, lasting for between 5-6 days to see everything. You will literally cross the Arctic Circle, so you can imagine some of the scenery on offer!

Check out the Northern Lights

An absolute must do and one which cannot be missed! Who doesn’t want to see the Northern Lights in the clearest skies around? Scientifically known as the aurora borealis, these lights shimmer, move and dance through the skies during October to March, and it’s one of the most amazing shows on Earth. Head as far north as possible to get the very best view.

Visit the Lofoten Islands

If you’re looking for rugged landscapes, an authentic, far-away vibe, and natural scenery in abundance, then the Lofoten Islands should be on your list. There are many hiking trips around the islands, so if you’re keen to get out and explore on foot, this is the destination you need to be heading to. You can easily island hop, as they are all connected.

Bergen - One of the Most Beautiful Cities in Europe

Bergen is certainly one of the most picturesque cities in Europe, and it is surrounded by huge mountains and pretty fjords. The city is UNESCO listed and it’s a must do to give Bryggen, the part of the city which houses huge boutiques, a waterfront vibe, and a long history too. You’ll also find plenty of restaurants here which serve traditional Norwegian food – something a little different, but something new to try.

Take the Scenic Route by Train from Oslo to Bergen

Photo by Axel Kuhlman

Travelling via train between Oslo to Bergen is one of the most scenic journeys around, and it will take you through various different types of landscapes from south to north. You’ll see many fjords, and the weather takes a distinctly more wintry turn as you travel! It’s one for the camera for sure, and even if you don’t need to go to Bergen for any real reason, this railway line is one to take regardless.

Check out the View from Pulpit Rock

Probably one of the most photographed parts of Norway, Pulpit Rock is a huge precipice which hangs almost impossibly over the water, at a height of around 600 meters. The view from here is something to be seen to be believed, and the hike alone is impressive. The journey takes around two hours on foot from Stavanger, with the rock located over Lysefjord.

Hiking in Jotunheimen

Jotunheimen National Park is one for nature lovers, in fact all of Norway is one for nature lovers. You’ll find more than 60 glaciers and huge mountain summits, as well as some famous walking and hiking trails, such as Hurrungane and Besseggen. You’ll easily be able to see the country’s highest mountain peak, called Galdhopiggen, and with trials which are quite accessible and maintained, this is a spot anyone can visit.

Take the Norwegian Coastal Route

Photo by Sergei Gussev

Better known as Kystriksveien, the coastal route is one which will show you the best of the entire coastline of this beautiful country. It does cover a huge 650 km, so it’s not likely that you’ll get to see all of it, but any portion is enough! You can take ferries for huge parts of the route, hire a car, or do some hiking too. Be sure to check out Lovund along the way, where you’ll find thousands of noisy puffins!

Total Wilderness in Svalbard

Svalbard is an archipelago which sits in a sub polar position, so it’s cold, and rather icy at the best of times! Despite that, the beauty here cannot be ignored, and it’s so remote that you’ll never have to deal with crowds. Here you will find true wilderness, and a great place to really reconnect with yourself and the nature around you. Over half of this region is totally covered in glaciers, so you can imagine the type of clothing you’ll need! You’ll also find many different types of arctic wildlife here, including polar bears!


It’s no surprise that all of our suggestions are nature-based. This is a country which Mother Nature really excelled herself in.

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