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Find Paradise on these 6 Pacific Islands

Find Paradise on these 6 Pacific Islands

Picture the scene – blinding white sand, turquoise sea, swaying palms, that basically sums up the entire Pacific region! There’s no denying that the Pacific Ocean is home to some of the most stunning natural sites, and with more than 250,000 islands in the ocean itself, you’re sure spoilt for choice!

Of course, many of these islands are uninhabited, not open to tourism, or occupied by tribes, but there are some islands which are so stunningly beautiful, whilst having facilities for a fantastic vacation, that you simply have to put them on your visit list. Let’s check out some of the best and most beautiful Pacific Islands you have to visit as part of your bucket list endeavours.

French Polynesia - Maupiti

Photo Credit: Dany13, License

We’ve mentioned a slow pace of life a few times, but that is best summed up by life on Maupiti! The island is mountainous, like most islands in the Pacific, and it rises majestically out of the water, really quite dramatically. The palm beaches and blinding blue sea are typical here, but you’ll also get those brightly coloured flowers the region is known for to!

Put on your walking shoes and explore the island on foot, as it’s quite small and it’s quite possible to explore without needing wheels. Remember your camera! You won’t find much in the way of tourism here, but you will find a chilled out, authentic way of life.

Easter Island

Everyone has heard of Easter Island and everyone has seen photos of it, but to actually visit it yourself is really something else entirely! A seriously mysterious and mystical place, Easter Island is one of the most easterly arts in the world and it actually sits right on the edge of what is known as the Polynesian Triangle. Of course, apart from being one of the first places in the world to celebrate New Year, Easter Island is famous for those mysterious statues that are known locally as Moai. There are almost 1000 of these statues, and nobody is really sure what they are and what they are supposed to represent. There are obviously many theories however, including aliens!

A visit to Easter Island will leave you open mouthed in terms of beauty, you’ll be completely confused and mystified by the statues, and you will also probably have that strange earie feeling that most people report. This is a very remote part of the world, and its difficult not to feel it whilst you’re there.

Samoa - Upolo

Photo Credit: Neil’s Photography, License

Part of a Polynesian chain of islands, Samoa itself has plenty of history and culture to explore, but Upolu is so blindingly beautiful, it’s hard to not fall completely in love with it. Think of the castaway vibe you have in mind and you’re not far wrong, with volcanic beaches which change colour from black, to grey, to white, rainforest waterfalls, and blinding blue ocean. Idyllic doesn’t even sum it up!

Apia is the capital city on the island, and you’ll find a really cultural and fun vibe here, whilst also making for a very affordable island to visit in the Pacific region. In addition, you can’t help but be totally intoxicated by the pride and culture that the Samoan people will show you every second of your time there.

French Polynesia - Huahine

Photo Credit: Dany13, License

Huahine is sometimes referred to as the ‘Garden of Eden’, and once you see it, you’ll completely understand why! Natural beauty like nowhere else, Huahine sits surrounded by a blindingly blue natural pool, or lagoon, before huge mountains rise up in the centre. There are so many small coves which will give you total peace and serenity, it really will feel like you’re on a castaway island, with nobody but yourself for company.

With nods to history and culture, you’ll find many temples all around the island, especially as you head into the mountains themselves. Why not hire a scooter or a bike and explore at your own pace? Huahine’s pace of life is very slow, to say the least, so you can take your sweet time and enjoy. Of course, if you choose to go diving or snorkelling, you’ll be treated with amazing marine-life.

Vanuatu - Tanna

Photo Credit: Phillip Capper, License

One thing which Tanna is most famous for is its huge volcano, but it’s an extremely easy volcano to visit, with countless jeep trips taking you close to the edge. This volcano is known as Mount Yasur, and this is a true must visit if you want to explore and experience the other side of nature, the might of Mother Nature herself!

Of course, it’s not all about a volcano on Tanna, as the rainforest and treks into the green, lush landscapes will more than fill your time. Be sure to stick to marked tracks however, as the rainforests are home to several tribes. You could head out and learn to dive, as there are some natural deep diving spots around Tanna too.

Cook Islands – Aitutaki

Known for their natural beauty, the Cook Islands are stunning to the eye overall. Aitutaki is a place to head to if you want the slowest pace of life possible, and you want to completely chill the hell out! Be sure to hire a scooter and drive around the island, enjoying the small coves and amazing views. You should also make sure that you do a spot of snorkeling here, as there are several small lagoons and coral gardens.

Put simply, if you want blinding white sand and sea so blue you can’t quite believe it, you’ll certainly find it on Aitutaki. This island is like a real-life advert for paradise!

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