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Essential Travel Accessories: Don’t Leave Home Without Them!

Essential Travel Accessories: Don’t Leave Home Without Them!

Whether you’re venturing off on a long back packing trip, or you’re simply going on a two weeks’ long vacation, you’ll need a few gadgets and items with you, to help your trip run smoothly.

Of course, most places have shops where you can buy essentials, but if you’re heading off the beaten track, this might be more difficult. In addition, who wants to waste precious travelling time trying to find a new charger for their laptop? Nobody!

To help you pack properly, these are the essential travel accessories you need to add to your shopping list. Don’t leave home without them!

Gadget Chargers

Whether you are travelling with your laptop or simply a phone, you’re going to need chargers to keep them full of juice! It’s a good idea to go for a universal charger, e.g. a charging cable with has several attachments on the end. This cuts down on space in your case and keeps your suitcase/carry-on bag more organized. There is nothing worse than several cables all becoming tangled up, so you can’t find what you’re looking for!


Tablets have really revolutionized technology. Of course, you might need a full laptop for other reasons, e.g. if you’re working on the go, but a tablet can be a great way to save space. For instance, you can purchase a USB keyboard and mouse, and basically create a small laptop. Downloading an e-reading app can cut out the need for books, and you can load it up with travel guides and entertainment options for your flight/long journey.


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You’re going to run out of charge at some point during a long journey, and a PowerBank can give you a couple of hours of extra juice until you can get to your hotel and charge up properly. PowerBanks are inexpensive and small, so they can easily be stored in your hand luggage without taking up any extra space or weight. You might need to take your PowerBank out of your bag when you go through airport security, but this depends on regulations in place at the time.


Of course, you need a camera! How else are you going to capture all those amazing memories for future visual reminders? These days, smartphones have fantastic in-built cameras, so this could be something to bear in mind when you’re ready for a new phone upgrade. alternatively, tablets also have great cameras too. If you want to purchase a full-sized camera, be sure to think about weight and size, but whatever you opt for, make sure it has plenty of memory.

Memory Cards

Whether you go for memory cards or flash drive sticks, make sure you have a back up in case your devices run out of memory. You’re sure to be snapping away at all manner of wonderful sights, and you don’t want to have to cut back on your photography efforts simply because your camera or phone has run out of space. A memory card can give you a huge amount of extra space to store your photos on, and also serves as an effective back up plan, in case your device is lost or stolen.

Travel Adapters

Remember, plug sockets aren’t uniform across the world and it might be that you need to purchase an adapter to be able to use your electronic items in your destination. It’s a good idea to go for a universal adapter, e.g. one which converts to two prong or three prongs, depending on where you are. These are usually folded away or clicked out, depending on your needs. The good news is that travel adapters are easy to find and relatively cheap too, so it shouldn’t be an issue to purchase a couple and store them in your bag.

Carry-on Case/Bag

Of course, you need something to store all your belongings in, and in this case, you need to think about carry on luggage. It is entirely possible to cut out the need to check in a suitcase entirely, and therefore save cash, if you pack your hand luggage carefully. Some airlines give you a generous amount of carry on weight, so this is something to think about.

When choosing a carry-on case or bag, remember to include the wheels (if any) in the dimensions, and to think about the weight of the bag without anything in it. Keeping your carry-on items organized and safe will be load off your mind, and allows you to find your essential items quickly and easily whilst getting from A to B.


These are the most essential travel accessories you need to have on your shopping list before your next trip. Of course, you also need to think about things like a passport cover, luggage tags etc, to ensure not only an easy trip, but a stylish one too!

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