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7 Beautiful Places to Visit in South Africa

7 Beautiful Places to Visit in South Africa

We all know that South Africa is a place brimming with culture and beauty; you don’t need to know much about the world to realise that! What you might not realise however is just how stunningly beautiful South Africa is.

From the bustling feel of Cape Town, to the slower sense of life in the lesser known parts of the country, you can easily become intoxicated by the chilled-out vibe in South Africa, and with friendly people at every turn, and a smile on every face, you’ll certainly fall in love with everything about this country.

So, if you’re thinking of heading to South Africa soon, let’s check out 7 top places which certainly have beauty at the top of their priority list.

Enjoy Stunning Views from God's Window

Photo by Rene C. Nielsen

If you don’t have time to travel the entire Panorama Route (recommended if you do have time), then God’s Window is one spot you need to make sure you reach. This is the viewing section which will show you the entirety of Lowveld, and you will struggle to find a better view than this; your view might even head as far as Kruger National Park if the weather is clear.

This is certainly one you need your camera for, but as before, if you do have time to follow the Panorama Route a little more, make sure you go for it.

See Penguins on Boulders Beach

Penguins live in South Africa, yes really! Boulders Beach is the spot where you can walk among these beautiful creatures – with caution, of course! There are more than a couple of thousands of African penguins which call this beach home, and they meander in and out of the huge boulders which are dotted around the beach.

It’s really a sight that’s quite difficult to explain without you seeing it in person for yourself. It’s a contrast of light and dark, blue and the sky, and it’s also a top place for swimming in the warm waters during the summer months. Make sure Boulders Beach is on your visit list!

Tshukudu Game Reserve and Park

South Africa is also known for its wildlife and going on safari is something you should 100% make time for. Tshukudu Game Reserve covered a huge 5000 acres of space and is home to some of the biggest and wildest animals South Africa has, including the Big Five.

The sun sets over the park are something to take your breath away, with the Drakensberg Mountains far in the distance. Basically, if you’re looking for a spot where you feel as far away from the hustle and bustle of general life, then this is your ideal place to visit in beautiful South Africa.

Cape Point

Photo by Theo Crazzolara

As one of the furthest points of South Africa, you can imagine how stunning the views are from here. You can hike to Cape Point quite easily, and as long as you have the right footwear, you shouldn’t find the terrain too hard going. When you reach the very end, look down at the uncontrollable wildness of the waves, check out the sheer size of the mountains and cliffs around you and basically snap away as much as possible with that camera!

Breathe in plenty of that fresh ocean air and feel just how small we really are in the world.

Pringle Bay

Photo by Daniela Ritrovato

At around an hour by car away from Cape Town, you can easily reach this chilled out part of South Africa and enjoy the peace and quiet. There are many hiking routes around Pringle Bay, which will give you some fantastic views, and many are for those who aren’t so experienced in hiking, so it leaves no-one out. There is also plenty of wildlife to be found around these parts, including baboons!


Photo by Dave Bezaire

Knysna might be a small town, but it doesn’t lack in beauty, sat on the shores of the Knysna Lagoon. During the summer months, many people flock here for total relaxation, and you can also take a boat over to the Featherbed Nature Reserve, where you can enjoy more of Mother Nature’s delights.

Whilst there isn’t a huge amount to do in Knysna, it’s really about soaking up the sun, the beauty, and understanding just how natural South Africa is.

Cape Town's Waterfront

Photo by South African Tourism

Whilst you’re checking out all the fun that Cape Town can give you, including restaurants and shopping, don’t miss the waterfront area. This area has a truly cosmopolitan feel, but it’s stunning beautiful in itself. You can sit and people-watch, enjoy a glass of local wine, or you can become a little more active, and head off into the Kelp Forest. Don’t forget to snap away at those Table Mountain views, and be sure to eat plenty of that delicious South African cuisine!


Your time in South Africa is sure to be busy and packed, but don’t forget to look around and soak up the true beauty of this culture and downright stunning country.

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