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7 Amazing Places In Nature For Your Bucket List

7 Amazing Places In Nature For Your Bucket List

Mother Nature has done us seriously proud. The world is home to some of the most jaw-dropping natural sights, and whilst most of the require a long trip to visit them, it’s more than worth the effort.

You can gaze at man-made skyscrapers and historic buildings all you like, but there is something extremely special about roaring waterfalls, imposing mountain ranges, the deepest blue of the ocean, and huge ice formations that seem to defy logic. Nature doesn’t make any sense, it doesn’t follow any rules, and that is why it is so downright stunning to the eyes.

Perhaps you already have a bucket list in place, but how many entries on that list are totally natural? If your list needs a nature upgrade, here are seven places you need to add to that list.

Perito Moreno Glacier, Patagonia

Argentina’s Patagonia region is one of the most desolate environments on the planet, but that is what makes it so special. The scenery here is second to none, and so incredibly dramatic that you probably won’t believe your eyes. Wrap up warm because this is an area that is always super-cold, but the Perito Moreno Glacier is a must visit.

This is a 30km in size glacier which is located in the los Glaciares National Park. Every few years the huge body of ice explodes, due to the trapped water underneath. If you’re lucky to see it, it’s fantastic, but if not, the sheer blue of the ice against the clear sky is a photo you need in your collection.

Norway’s Geirangerfjord

Norway’s Geirangerfjord , matt-lamers-683024-unsplash
Okay, so Norway is packed with fjords, why are these two so special? They’re two of ht most photographed around, and they’re so hugely rugged and imposing that UNESCO put them on its World Heritage List. Head there from Bergen or from Alesund on an organised trip, and check out the huge, snow-topped cliffs, the waterfalls, and the natural setting that feels like it is from another world entirely.

Lake Nakuru, Kenya

You’ve no doubt seen this spot on many a photograph, but seeing it in person is something else entirely. Lake Nakuru is a huge body of water which is home to an equally huge number of algae. The reason this is so special is because these algae attract huge numbers of pink flamingoes, which makes for the most jaw-dropping sight.

You’ll also be treated to seeing hippos, buffalo, giraffe, and various types of rhino in the area, so it’s a true wildlife fan’s treat.

Uluru (Ayres Rock), Australia

Uluru (Ayres Rock), Australia, holger-link-704031-unsplash
This is certainly on many a bucket list, and for good reason. Sacred to the Aboriginal people, it is forbidden to climb the rock, but viewing it is a must do, especially at sunrise or sunset. Uluru is a huge sandstone monolith, which is 350m high and spans more than 9km  around. Located in Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, you can reach the rock by flying into the small, regional airport. The starry skies around this part of the country are also something to knock the ‘wow’ out of your mouth, and then some!

Moraine Lake, Banff National Park, Canada

Moraine Lake, Banff National Park, Canada, john-lee-351482-unsplash
This is another well-photographed spot and is located in Rocky Mountains. Far away from any major town or city, the lake acts like a mirror, so you can see the stars, or the clouds reflected in its surface at any time. Surrounding the lake are soaring mountains with snow most of the time, along with green trees that almost seem out of place. It’s a plethora of colours that will blow your mind.

Iguazu National Park, Argentina

There is another like a huge waterfall to remind you of the power of Mother Nature, and the drop of the Iguazu River to around 82m below will certainly hit that spot. When visiting the falls you can trek through the forest and visit all manner of different wildlife, flora and fauna, as well as feeling far away from any type of civilisation. This is true nature at its very best.

Shilin Stone Forest, China

Shilin Stone Forest, China
Nature doesn’t have to be green, blue, or wet to be stunning, which is evident at the Shilin Stone Forest in China. Located in the Yunnan Province, the park is full of huge, vertical stones which seem to rise up from the ground out of nowhere. They look like needles and they date back more than 270 million years. There are many legends as to why the stones came to be, including a tale of a local girl who turned herself into stone when she was banned from marrying the man she loved.

In these 7 places, Mother Nature has outdone herself. Of course, these are a handful of some of the most stunning spots around the world. As a starting point however, these 7 need to be on your list

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