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7 Amazing Experiences in Central America

7 Amazing Experiences in Central America

Once upon a time, when heading in the direction of the Americas, it was all about South America or the USA itself, these days Central America is making big bid for the travel crown, and with so many stunning countries to take in, it’s no wonder!

Packed with some of the most jaw-dropping natural sights around, as well as a huge variety of different cultures to explore, Central America provides visitors with an experience like no other. Of course, we’re talking about a huge part of the world here, so it’s worth doing your research, to ensure you don’t miss out on the good stuff!

Whilst this is by no means and exhaustive list, let’s check out 7 amazing experiences in Central America that you should be putting on your bucket list right now!

Diving in Belize

If you’re a diving fan, Belize is the spot for you, and the hope of the famous Great Blue Hole. Not exactly ideal for inexperienced divers, this spot requires plenty of experience, but if you fall into that category, it will certainly be one of those experiences in life which truly blows your mind. Of course, you could always learn before you go and work up to the right standard too!

The Great Blue Hole is a huge sinkhole which was brought to fame in 1971 by Jacques Cousteau, the explorer. It is certainly one of the best spots in the world for scuba diving, and you’ll see all manner of different marine life, including reef sharks. If the Great Barrier Reef is a little off your radar, this Central American alternative will show you the best of the underwater world.

Trekking in Guatemala

Guatemala is a country which is extremely natural and diverse in its landscapes and wildlife, so heading out and seeing for yourself on foot is a must do! Trekking is a great way to see some of the most famous parts of the country, and the trails around the Acatenango volcano are a particularly popular spot.

It will take around three days to trek from Xela, over the Guatemalan highlights to Lake Atitlan, but it is certainly a fanatic way to score some seriously envious photographs.

Zip-lining in Costa Rica

World renowned for zip lining, Costa Rica is a nature fan’s dream, and the adrenaline sports don’t end at zip lining! For some of the longest and fastest thrills however, you have to give this a try. A zip lining adventure through the rainforest will show you some of the most diverse and stunning sights, as well as plentiful wildlife, as you whizz past!

There are countless companies which provide you with zip lining fun, but look towards the parks which are packed with natural sights, such as Manuel Antonio National Park and the iconic Arenal Volcano National Park.

Visit the Mayan Ruins in Mexico

Exploring the history of ancient Mayan times is something you don’t get to do anywhere else in the world, Mexico and Guatemala have two of the best sights – Tulum and Tikal.

It’s a great idea to read up a little beforehand, so you know what you’re looking at, with those huge pyramids in front of you. Check out Tikal’s Temple of the Jaguar, and Tulum’s City of the Sun. Of course, most people would venture to Mexico, combining it with a beach break, but the two sites are actually quite close to each other. This means visiting both sites is certainly very do-able!

See Lake Nicaragua's Bull Sharks

Lake Nicaragua is Central America’s largest lake, and it is also the 19th biggest on the planet. Not only is Lake Nicaragua rather awe-inspiring in sight, but there is a plethora of wildlife around it, which makes it ideal for trekking, walking, and general meandering. Bull sharks call Lake Nicaragua home, and you won’t miss them – they can grow up to more than 11 feet in size!

Whitewater Rafting in Costa Rica

We mentioned zip lining in Costa Rica, but the Pacuare River is one of the world’s best spots for whitewater rafting, and it shouldn’t be missed! Not only is the surrounding area simply jaw-dropping (we’re using that word a lot, but it’s very fitting for Central America as a whole!), but the rapids are certain to make your heart beat that bit faster too!

Again, there are countless companies which offer you this experience, so shop around for the best one.

See Baja California's Whales

Mexico’s Baja California area might be home to huge open spaces and deserts, but it’s also a hotbed of whale spotting opportunities too. The Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean are home to these huge and rather amazing creatures, especially between the months of January and March, when the grey whale migration from Alaska takes place. You can also see many humpback whales at this time too. Head towards the southern portion of the Sea of Cortez to view blue whales.

The grey whales in particular are particularly friendly and will usually swim quite close to boats out on the waters for whale watching expeditions. This is whale watching like nowhere else on earth!


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