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10 Ways to Save Money While Travelling

10 Ways to Save Money While Travelling

So you’re ready to go on holiday and of course you want to get the most out of your trip. Instead of spending too much money, there are several ways to actually save money, so that you can use that extra money on other things instead  – like experiences or even new trips!

We have put together a list of 10 ways that helps you save money while you are travelling. Check out our list below!


Be flexible with your timing...

It comes as no surprise that most people travel during the weekends when they’re off work, which again means that both flight tickets and hotel prices are usually higher during this time. If you can, try to travel during the week days, preferably Tuesdays and Wednesdays, to get the lowest prices.

When you have figured out when to book your flights, it’s then time to find those cheap fares. Prices of flight tickets can also depend on which day of the week you book, for instance; booking flight on a Saturday or Sunday to bigger cities can often be cheaper as companies usually book their business trips on the weekdays, thus the booking sites for flight tickets experience a downtime during the weekend and often sell their tickets a bit cheaper.

Use comparison sites for flight tickets

Flight tickets can often take up the biggest part of our travel budgets, so naturally we look for the cheapest deal we can find.

Skyscanner and Momondo are both metasearches that compare the prices from hundreds of bookingsites at the same time to find the cheapest airline ticket. In that way, it saves you the hassle of checking the prices on different websites.

Another cool feature, that you will find on both websites, is that you can use filters to adjust your search, like setting a maximum price or to only search for direct flights. You can also sign up with your email address to get price alerts on certain flights, so that you are immediately notified when then prices drop.

Meet up with locals or other travellers

A great way to experience a new city is with a local. Instead of spending money on an expensive tour, you can instead get to know the city in a more personal way than what you would do in a big group of tourists – through the eyes of a local!  A local knows where to find the best food, the best bars, and the best parts of the city. And who knows, you might even make a friend for life!

Travello is the world’s largest travel community on app and lets you connect with locals and other travelers wherever you are in the world. Download it for your next trip and connect with local people in the destination that you’re going to, or see who else is planning on going there beforehand in case you’re looking for a travel buddy.

Download the app for free and join Travello on Android or iOS

Bring your own water bottle

Don’t you just hate having to pay for overcharged water bottles after you enter through security at the airport? As most travelers are aware of, you cannot bring over 100 ml of liquid through security when you travel by air, which then excludes the standard sized water bottles. However, if you bring an empty bottle, or even invest in a proper one that keeps the water cool or hot longer, then you can just add water to it from the tap once you pass security – free of charge!

Most airport have drinking fountains, and if not, then there will for sure be a water tap somewhere. Just make sure that the tap water is safe to drink in the particular country that you are traveling from.

Another great thing about using your own water bottle is that you contribute to using less plastic bottles, thus helping to save the planet! So not only are you saving money by having your own water bottle, but you’re also helping to save the planet!

Explore new places by foot or public transportation

It can be quite convenient and nice to see sights in a new city from the comforts of a car or on a guided tour bus. But, if you really want to save some extra money then exploring the city by foot is the best way to go – and it’s free!

Walking through the city streets also gives you the opportunity to really take in the sights and atmosphere, whereas being in a tourist bus or car can can be very rushed and time restricted.

If the distances are to big, then opt for public transportation. Not only will you save lots of money compared to what you would pay for a taxi, but you also get to see more of the local and authentic side of life, rather than just the touristy ones.

Drive toll-free

If you’re planning on renting a car to travel around then toll expenses might not cross your mind when you’re putting together a travel budget. However, depending on the country you’re visiting, the toll costs can quickly accumulate and end up being quite a significant amount of money.

Google Maps is great to use for navigation when driving and it is completely free. If you don’t have access to internet while on the road, then you can download the map for your itinerary beforehand.

Another cool feature with Google Maps is that it lets you select to “avoid tolls” when setting up a route. This usually means that it will take you off the main highways and it might take you a little bit longer to get to your destinations, but you can save money and perhaps end up on more charming roads instead!

Go grocery shopping!

One of the best ways to learn about a new culture and destination is by trying its local food. Going grocery shopping is an activity in itself, whether it is on a street market or in a local shop, you get to experience the local atmosphere and save a lot of money compared to what you would spend in a restaurant, and try some new food!

If you’re staying at a hotel and the breakfast is not already included, then you can also benefit from getting some food from the market or local grocery shop, as hotels often charge as much as 20-40 dollars per person for breakfast.

Travel with an overnight bus/train

Accommodation is another expense that often takes a big chunk of the travel budget. If you’re planning on traveling from one destination to another, check online and see if there are overnight train or bus rides available. By traveling over night you will then save money on accommodation.

Traveling by train or bus is often cheaper than flying, and you don’t have to deal with all the hassle that comes with traveling from airports. Besides, being on an overnight train is an amazing experience in itself and you get to see more of the countryside than what you would do from high up in the air.

Book accommodation through Airbnb

Hostels can be great for saving money, but with the increase of people renting out their homes and rooms on websites such as Airbnb and Homeaway, you can now find thousands of accommodation options to suit your needs.

From tree-huts to boats, charming cottages to Tipi tents, there are many unique types of accommodation on offer that can contribute to making your holiday truly memorable, and often much cheaper than hotels.

Besides, would you not prefer to swap out that boring and generic hotel room with a cool, loft-apartment in the city? Or with a unique glamping experience on the countryside? The choices are many and so are the money-saving opportunities!

Buy a local sim-card

Everyone knows that roaming charges on your phone can get quite high if you’re not careful when traveling abroad. To avoid returning home to a large phone bill, opt for a local sim card in the country you’re visiting as soon as you get there, and top it up so that you have enough credit to enjoy sharing your travel pictures with your friends and family online.

Many airports actually offer free sim cards, or for a small price, so keep your eyes open upon arrival for these phone stands with the offers.

If you’re traveling to Europe it is even easier! Since the summer of 2017, the EU abolished roaming tariffs meaning that prices on calls, SMS, and internet usage do not change when you’re traveling between countries in the EU, including Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein. That means that you just need to get one European sim card if you’re planning a trip through the European countries!

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