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10 Popular Destinations in Europe on a Budget

10 Popular Destinations in Europe on a Budget

Europe is a veritable traveller’s feast! With some of the most famous and beautiful cities all within very easy reach of one another, travelling around the continent has never been easier. Of course, you should do your research ahead of time to ensure that you pack in everything you want to see, but what if you’re on a budget?

No worries!

Every single one of Europe’s cities can be done either in luxury (i.e. with a large price tag), or on the cheap. We should point out that any destination in the world can be done in two ways, but some are much easier than others. Let’s check out 10 cheap cities to visit in Europe and put on your bucket list.

London, UK

The UK capital is packed with sightseeing opportunities, but the great news is that the vast majority of them can be visited for free! You don’t have to go inside the Tower of London to say you’ve been there, and many top-class museums have no entrance fee, such as the National History Museum.

Take a walking tour (shop around for cheap prices) to get the best view in town and check out voucher apps for some serious savings to be had on big attractions and restaurants.

Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Fantastic weather and a truly Spanish vibe greet you on Majorca, but Palma is actually cheaper than you probably think! You can grab yourself a cup of coffee for just $2, and two nights of accommodation, in a good quality hotel will cost you under $250 if you shop around.

Of course, activities depend upon the weather as Palma is a quite outdoorsy city. Walk around and check out the architecture, with plenty of Gothic examples. If you want to shop, go for it, but there’s many High Street choices with low prices.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague has long been a low-cost lover’s dream, and this has shown no signs of changing. With beer famously low priced, visitors can check out the history and scenery in Prague, as well as the romance, for very little cash. Be sure to head there in the winter, when the snow makes the city look magical.

To give you an idea of dining costs, you can have a three-course meal with a bottle of wine for two people, for around $65, which is extremely cheap. Accommodation is also plentiful, at around the $115 mark for two nights in the city center.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin is known as a digital nomad hotspot, which basically means many backpackers and other travellers working on the go head there for the low-priced cost of living. This reflects in tourism too, however, do avoid the big chains for lower prices.

You can grab yourself two nights of good quality accommodation for under $160, and there are many street food options if you want to dine and look around at the same time. Check out the history, blending with the modern day, side by side.

Rome, Italy

You might think Rome to be mega expensive, but not all of it! You can find many hostels, which will drastically cut the cost of your accommodation, and it’s around $15 for a two-day travel card, allowing you to get around with ease, without breaking the bank. Of course, the big attractions have large queues and large prices, but if you’re saving cash on the rest of your break, perhaps you can afford a splurge or two.

Tallinn, Estonia

Estonia overall is a true up-and-coming destination, and the scenery and general vibe around Tallinn, it’s largest city, makes it a great spot to head to. The other good news is that prices are super-low, so you can enjoy a relatively high-end time for a low-cost price.

For instance, you can find two night’s accommodation for around $140, with coffee around the $2 mark. Perfect for fueling up before you head off on foot to check out the sights, with plenty of architecture and history. There are also many free museums to enjoy.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

There are two sides to Dubrovnik, but if you head there out of season, i.e. from November to April, you’ll find lower prices and far less crowds. You can pick up two nights’ accommodation for a super low $105, or thereabouts, with a bottle of local beer coming in at just $3 maximum. Be sure to eat local, as the food in Croatia is delicious, and head off for a walk around those famous city walls, without having to jostle for space.

Lisbon, Portugal

With accommodation at a serious low $120 for two nights in a three-star hotel, you can explore Lisbon with ease. Dining is very cheap, especially if you go to the local restaurants, and avoid the tourist establishments. You can also bag yourself a two-day travel card to get around the city for around $15, however Lisbon is a very walkable city, so this is a great way to get some fresh air, exercise, and plenty of sun!

Hike up to Sao Jorge Castle for a little history and some of the most Instagrammable pictures you can imagine.

Moscow, Russia

A city famous for its architecture and winter beauty, Moscow is a low-cost option for travellers who want to go slightly off the European beaten track. You can find two nights’ accommodation in the city center for around $100, and getting around is very easy and cheap, thanks to the Metro system.

Saint Basil’s Cathedral is the must visit spot, with that iconic photo opportunity awaiting you.

Budapest, Hungary

Another great spot for winter travels, with magical scenery and plentiful snow, is Budapest. Prices do tend to hike up a little around the Christmas period, thanks to many Christmas markets, but you don’t have to spend if you don’t want to. Accommodation is around $110 for two nights, with a bottle of local beer only setting you back around the $2 mark. Bargain!


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