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10 Must-Do Experiences in New York City

10 Must-Do Experiences in New York City

NYC, The Big Apple, New York, New York, whatever you call it, this city literally never sleeps!

The setting to many an iconic film, the place where dreams are made, and the site of some of the world’s most instantly recognizable landmarks, a visit to New York should be planned carefully, to make sure that you get the most out of your time.

Of course, research can also be confusing, because New York doesn’t just have a few top places to visit, it has countless! By reading into where to go and what to do, you can tailor your choices to your needs and your interests. To give you a starting point, however, let’s check out 10 must do experiences in New York, New York!

Walk over the Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge was built in 1883 and stands 1595 feet. The bridge connects Lower Manhattan to Brooklyn Heights, and at the time it was built it was actually the world’s longest suspension bridge. Of course, many more bridges have been built since and as a result it lost its title, but it still holds a special place in the heart. Not only an iconic feature on that skyline, you can take a walk over the bridge and enjoy the view for yourself. Bear in mind you’re likely to be one of many doing the same thing, and it does take a while to cross, but it will be an experience to remember.

Enjoy Seaside Fun at Coney Island

If you want to get as far away from the hustle and bustle of Downtown Manhattan and NYC’s various other boroughs, head to Coney Island and enjoy heading back in time to seaside fun!

With huge rides, delicious seaside-style food, and a really fun vibe in the air, Coney Island is a great place to head with children, friends, or just for a spot of fresh air! Be sure to check out the seafood choices around here, they’re rather special.

Head to Central Park

You can’t go to New York and not enjoy a couple of hours in Central Park! One of the world’s largest urban parks, this is a place of tranquility and calmness, in the middle of one of the busiest cities on the planet!

You’ll find around 693 acres of gardens, forests, meadows, hills and a huge lake with fountains and plenty of space to chill. During the winter months, head here for some ice-skating fun! On the lead up to Christmas, Central Park is a true winter wonderland, and if it snows, you’ll have pictures that will remain you of a truly magical time.

Visit The 9/11 Memorial

Every single person who visits New York should head to the 9/11 memorial to pay their respects to those who lost their lives on that fateful day, when hijacked planes crashed into the World Trade Center. There is a museum to is it also, which is set on the foundations of the former Twin Towers.

Whilst a somber place to visit, it is one which really teaches you the enormity of that day, and forces you to stop, take a minute, and think.

Explore Art at the Met (Metropolitan Museum of Art)

You don’t have to be a huge art fan to visit the Met, but it helps if you are! For more than 100 years, the Met has been a NYC icon, and it is packed with exhibits and collections to explore. The building itself is something to take in, with beautiful architecture. Sitting close to Central Park, the Met is very easy to find also.

Visit Lady Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is a must visit! Sitting on Liberty Island, The Statue of Liberty has been a beacon of freedom for many heading to the USA for a new life, and seeing it for yourself in person is a rite of passage. The Ellis Island National Museum of Immigration is also a very interesting visit, and visitors can also check the exhibit records to see if they can find the names of their past relatives.

Sink into Literature Heaven at The Strand Book Store

If you’re someone who loves to read and write there is one place which has to be on your visit list – the Strand Book Store. Filled from floor to ceiling with millions of different books, this is a rite of New York passage that has to be seen to be believed! Dating back around 86 years, you only have to mention to a member of staff a title you’re looking for and they’ll find it within minutes – that’s a talent!

Foodie’s Rejoice at Smorgasburg Williamsburg

Photo by: Dumbonyc

This is a huge artisan market which is packed with delicious food choices from more than 100 different vendors. Every single weekend it is packed with locals and tourists, so be sure to head there early to grab the best items on offer. Open between April to October, it is free to get inside, but you can expect to spend a mall fortune if you are a big food fan! You’ll also get to try all manner of new things.

Drink Cocktails a la Carrie Bradshaw

If you’ve always dreamed of being a male or female Carrie Bradshaw, then it has to be cocktails in Manhattan! Sip a Margarita or Cosmopolitan at lunch time, and then head off shopping at the countless huge department stores on offer. Of course, evening should bring more cocktails too!

Find the Perfect Skyline Spot

There are many places in NYC where you can snap away at the skyline but getting as high as possible will give you the best photo opportunity. How about the Rockefeller Center, or the Empire State Building? These are busy options, but certainly the best in terms of altitude!


This is certainly not an exhaustive list by any means, but come on, these ten experiences should have whetted your appetite for plenty of Big Apple hijinks!

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