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10 Must-Do Experiences in Barcelona

10 Must-Do Experiences in Barcelona

Barcelona is a bustling city, packed with architecture, history, culture, and of course, wonderful weather. No matter what time of year you visit this Catalan city, you can be assured of a warm welcome and a fantastic time.

Despite that, Barcelona is a tourist trap if you don’t know where to go and what to see. You can easily waste hours wandering around aimlessly, spending money you didn’t need to spend. All of this could have been dedicated towards some of the top spots. Of course, this can all be avoided by doing your research.

To help you avoid time wasting, let’s check out 10 must do experiences in Barcelona!

Explore Sagrada Familia

Still not finished, Sagrada Familia is Barcelona’s iconic Gaudi cathedral, and it is something to stand in awe at! It’s also somewhere you’re going to waste a lot of time queuing if you don’t arrive early, so make sure you set your alarm on that day!

Antoni Gaudi is a famous architect, and this is without a doubt his most famous works, which was not completed when he died. Still working to the original plan, the cathedral will one day be complete, but it remains a hotspot for visitors to the city. Huge, and almost 140 years old already, the cathedral will be the tallest church in the world when it finally is completed, and the style is something to take your breath away.

Ramble Around Las Ramblas

Photo by Jorge Lascar

Yes, this is a pickpocketing hotspot, but provided you keep your wits about you, you should be fine. You cannot go to Barcelona and not visit Las Ramblas, a series of beautiful streets which take you from Place de Catalunya, all the way down to the stunning waterfront area of the city. There is plenty of shade during the summer months, and you’ll see street performers, cafes, flower stalls, and all manner of other market stalls which sell homemade goods. The general vibe is fun and authentic, so it’s a must do, for sure.

Check Out La Boqueria Marketplace

If you love a farmer’s market or an artisan-style market, then La Boqueria is for you! Packed with locally sourced foods, such as seafood, cheese, olive oil, fruits, cold meats, and vegetables, this huge market is a busy spot for locals and visitors alike. Dating back to 1914, the entire building is pretty impressive too, with a huge glass roof which allows the sun to glint inside.

If you get tired, head to one of the bars and tapas restaurants inside the market for a sit down.

Architectural Wonder at Casa Battlo

Photo by Spiterman

Architecture fans will be in their element in Barcelona, and this is another of Gaudi’s works. Casa Battlo is actually an apartment block which began renovation at the start of the 20th century. The roof tiles are actually designed to look like dragon’s scales! The outside is designed to look like a huge grotto, which is cozy and warm. Put simply, it’s hard to explain the view, and it’s something you need to see for yourself.

Soak up the Sun on the Beach

Barcelona has several impressive city beaches, which means you can chill out after a couple of days of heavy sightseeing! The main city beach has a very long boardwalk, so you can easily take an evening walk too if you want to. Head to San Sebastian on the western side if you want a busier vibe, with plenty of tourist facilities to make your day easier.

Check out Casa Mila

You’ll realize now that Barcelona is full of the work of Gaudi, and this is another spot you need to see with your own eyes. This is a UNESCO listed building and is located on the Passeig de Gracia.

Originally designed to be the family home of Pere Mila I Camps, the building looks like a huge quarry face, and dates back to 1912. The plus point of this site is that you don’t need to queue to get in, you can simply see it from the road side and admire, en route to another spot on your list!

Visit the City History Museum

Photo by Anne and David

Barcelona’s City History Museum is a great way to learn more about how the city came to be and its impressive backstory. You’ll also find several preserved sites from Roman times here, including the Temple of Augustus. Certain parts of Barcino’s former walls are preserved to be visited, and you can enjoy learning about days gone by in visual terms. The site is huge, at around 4000 meters and is a truly innovative and hands-on way to explore.

Stand in Awe at Camp Nou

You don’t have to be a football fan to visit Camp Nou, home of FC Barcelona, but it certainly helps! This huge stadium is a truly impressive sight, and if you can get tickets for a home game, you’ll enjoy a truly electric atmosphere, for sure. With 99,000 seats, Camp Nou has been the home of the team since 1957, and you can also head off on a stadium tour during most days, provided you book ahead.

Chill Out at Park Guell

Chill out and enjoy more Gaudi architecture at Park Guell, a huge complex which sits high on Carmel Hill. You can enjoy stunning views over the entire city, and you can rest and watch the world go by. There are several buildings within the park, as well as fountains and sculptures. There is a museum dedicated to Gaudi inside the park too, where he actually lived until 1926.

Try Paella and Tapas

There are certain places where the authentic food of a country is better than anywhere else, and Barcelona certainly has its fair share of fantastic restaurants. Spanish cuisine is mouth-watering, but the Catalan spin gives it another dose of flavor. Try paella, ladled with fresh seafood, and tapas too. Add in a jug of sangria and away you go!

For ten of the best experiences to be had in Barcelona, these are a great starting point.

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