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10 Experiences for an Adventure in Morocco

10 Experiences for an Adventure in Morocco

For anyone about to visit Morocco, you’re in for a serious treat. This mystical, beautiful, and cultural country is packed with things to see and do. Of course, you’ll want to know that you’re focusing your attention in the right places, and visiting the most amazing places, having the best experiences.

In that case, you’re in luck. Here are 10 must have experiences in Morocco to add to your list.

Visit Jemaa el-Fna in Marrakesh

Without a doubt on of the busiest and most popular areas in the entire city, Jemaa el-Fna is a huge public square where you can people watch, enjoy music, watch snake charmers in action, eat amazing street food, and listen to the sound of daily life. Packed with huge souks (markets), this is a traditional part of the city to visit and one which you’ll serious miss out on if you don’t add it to your list.

Check Out History at Ait Benhaddou

Just outside of Marrakesh, on your way to the endless Sahara, you will find ait Benhaddou, a huge city with walls all around the outside. These fortifications date back to ancient times, and the whole city is made of clay, which makes it look stunningly in the harsh sunlight. Whilst this isn’t a busy city by any means, and you’ll only find a few people still living there, it’s a historic and amazing sight you can’t miss.

Try Surfing at Essaouira

If you have the basics of surfing down pat, head to Essaouira and enjoy some of the best surfing conditions around. Winter time will give you the best Atlantic waves to ride, and if you’re not a fan of surfing, don’t let that stop you, because the sight of surfers and pure nature is something you can’t miss out on.

Check Out the Views from Mount Toubkal

If you want to be at one with nature and really see some views to make your jaw drop, climb to the top of Mount Toubkal. Okay, so this is the highest summit in the whole of North Africa, but it’s still doable if you have good fitness and plenty of time! Spring time offers the best condition, and you should join a climbing group, to meet new people and enjoy the experience safely.

Ride a Camel in the Sahara Desert

If you’re going to ride a camel, where better than in the Sahara itself? You’ll find countless trips which will take you into the desert and from there you can meet your camel and enjoy a little time together! When the sun sets, this is one of the most magical experiences you’ll ever have in your life, and one you will certainly never forget, that’s for sure.

Clean Your Pores in a Traditional Hammam

Photo Credit: Sunrise Odyssey, License

Hammams are better known across the Middle East, but they are also found in Morocco too, where you can have an authentic experience, and come away feeling completely clean and refreshed! This is a very traditional thing to do in Morocco, and it is part of daily life for many.

Haggle at a Souk in Marrakesh

Marrakesh is packed with souks (markets) and here is the best place to hone your haggling skills! A great and fun experience, you and you’re sure to come away with many bargains too. Even if you don’t shop, a souk is a fantastic experience to have in Morocco, and the scents, colors, and noises will really entertain you.

Explore Chefchaouen

What is so different about Chefchaouen? It’s almost completely blue! Every building is decorated in a blue shade, which really looks fantastic against the sunlight. Quaint, with narrow, winding streets to explore, this is a wonderful place to head to, and it will show you a totally different side to the country, especially away from Marrakesh and its noisy streets.

Travel Past the Atlas Mountains Via Train

Assuming you don’t have the time to trek through the Atlas Mountains, you can still get to see them in all their amazing glory by taking a traditional train ride past them. Most routes will show you fantastic views, and even go as far as the Sahara too. For an old-fashioned and amazing way to see a large amount of the country in a short space of time, a train is the ideal option.

Eat Moroccan Food in Abundance

Finally, how can we mentioned Morocco and not talk about food? Have a traditional stew cooked in a Tagine for one of the most hearty and flavorsome meals you’ll ever have in your entire life, eat street food in Marrakesh for next to nothing and be full for hours, enjoy some of freshest lamb dishes you’ll ever have the fortune to taste. Moroccan food is downright amazing!


There is a very good reason why Morocco has long been a travel hotspot – there is so much to see and do!

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